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 I was born and raised in Osaka and afterward moved to Kyoto.
 I'm photographer and pharmacist.
2011, group photo exhibition in Matsue, Japan
2012, solo photo exhibition in Kyoto, japan    <see the pictures>


This is the website of photographer Yuichi Suzuki.

I've been travelling the world since Sep. 2012 and taking picture of what I've seen, eaten, and met.

The title word "conociendo" is the progressive form of "conocer", which in Spanish means "to be acquainted with".

"el mundo" means "the world"

"Conocer" is often used with "person", "place" and "thing", and its meaning includes "I have met the person", "I have been there", or "I have some experience with the things"
In my travels in Central and South America, the local people often asked me "Que estas haciendo aqui?(What are you doing here)", and I replied "Conociendo!".

That means like "I'm knowing, learning, or getting an experience about this place here (through my own eyes)".

Now, we can easily access any information that we want, so it is not difficult to imagine the world that we've never been to. But to know the real world, there is nothing better than actually going there yourself and experiencing it. I believe such experiences gradually form an inner self and make you more mature.   

I want to cut out the moment and the world which is in front of me, and I call it my photography.

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